About Us

About Us

Daisy Maid was founded in 2006. Originally, the main activity was home cleaning, but the company began to grow and cooperate with local real estate agencies, ensuring that every house was perfectly clean before the moving in of new residents.

In 2015, Daisy Maid was taken over by a very diligent young mother. Since then, the number of employees has tripled, the number of private clients has increased four times (over 200 at the moment), the number of real estate agents we cooperate with has also significantly increased, and for the greatest success of the last 3 years I consider starting a commercial cleaning.

We serve companies such as: Matillion, Lepus Marketing, Malcolm Hughes Land Surveyors, The Real Algarve, Daniel Killoran Photography, Abakus Direct, Joshua Paul Fitness, Didsbury Childminding, Convent of Saint Emilie, Griff Services, Ecus Environmental Services, Z Space and a few more.

We care for cleanliness and at the same time we care for the comfort of employees and the first impression of guests and customers arriving at the company's premises, which may lead to positive assessment of the company itself.

Our employees, first of all, pass over the monthly house cleaning training in order to learn how to "take care of the place, its cleanliness, appearance and not just clean up". We use the daily task lists, but I put a lot of emphasis on independent thinking, perceiving additional tasks that should be done, a certain sense of aesthetics, flexibility.
Secondly, my employees are highly appreciated and well remunerated, which leads to their high job satisfaction, which, in turn, reveals a very high level of service and attention to every detail.

We operate on two large areas, one of them is the Altrincham area, to which you can also include Hale, Hale Barns, Bowdon, Broadheath, Timperley, Sale. The second area is Chorlton, Didsbury, Old Trafford and Stretford. Nevertheless, we do not limit ourselves only to these districts.

My goal for the upcoming months is mainly to maintain the level of service that has been so far, as I am very proud of it. And I am putting lot of attention to develop towards commercial cleaning. Therefore I kindly invite you to cooperation.

Kind regards
Dominika, Director